Bin disruptions hit Dunfermline again

After significant bin disruptions a few weeks ago, there have again been delays in the Dunfermline area, particularly in Abbeyview, Halbeath and Duloch. In the previous occasion, it was due to staff shortages, but now the disruptions including vehicles being 'unservicible' due to parts not being available. There is also a lack of large blue bins for those that need them.

Local Liberal Democrat councillors Aude Boubaker-Calder (Dunfermline Central) and James Calder (Dunfermline South) are unhappy with the situation and believe the new Council Administration, when elected, must make this a priority.

Councillor Aude Boubaker-Calder has said "Dunfermline residents are, once again, rightly furious about these disruptions in bin collections. Whether it is staff shortages or vehicle breakdowns, the new Council Administration must make sure that they are better prepared for this.

"There needs to be contingency arrangements made so that local residents do not find themselves with overflowing bins. I've been contacted by residents in Dunfermline Central and getting to recycling points is not an option for everyone. It is just not good enough right now."

"Particularly in this age of a climate emergency, we need to encourage people to recycle and this will not help. It must be sorted out."

Councillor James Calder has added, "Green bins are only collected four-weekly and we all know how quickly they fill up. The fact that we have had two significant disruptions recently means it is important the Council gets a handle on this quickly."

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