Council Candidate Application

Application to be a Council candidate for Dunfermline and West Fife Liberal Democrats

Job Profile of a Councillor

The main elements of a councillor’s work comprise:

  • Handling casework in the ward, dealing with individual enquiries and local groups
  • Engaging proactively with local community groups (including attendance at meetings of Community Councils, Parent Councils, etc)
  • Participating in and contributing to council committees (inc research, attending meetings, arguing case, asking questions, scrutiny of Administration)
  • Building relationships with council departments and the wider community
  • Working with the council group to promote Liberal Democrat policy and values, not least the philosophy of community politics
  • Collaborating where appropriate with adjacent wards on wider issues
  • Maintaining contacts with the wider party organisation
  • Maintaining a high personal profile locally to maximise chances of re-election

NB 1/ The basic salary of a councillor is £17,470 (from 1st April 2019).

NB 2/ Council work often occurs during the day, so applicants should be aware of the need to be available regularly during part of normal working hours and to attend evening or weekend meetings or events.

Person specification for a councillor

The key skills / experience required to be an effective councillor comprise:


  1. Communication skills
  2. Knowledge of and commitment to party policy and values
  3. Organisational / time management skills
  4. Teamwork skills
  5. Ability to take the initiative


  1. Knowledge of local government and the work of a councillor
  2. Campaigning experience
  3. Ability to learn quickly
  4. Tenacity

Councillors and candidates are expected:

  1. To commit to and support the Local Party’s targetting and campaign strategy
  2. To take part in campaigning in all elections, whether local, national or European, and in recruitment of members / helpers
  3. To take an active part in publishing FOCUS newsletters, providing material and helping in distribution
  4. To support Liberal Democrat fundraising and social activities

If elected, Councillors are expected:

  1. To maintain paid up membership of the Party at all times and respect its principles and values in their activities
  2. To maintain paid up membership of the Council Group (via group subscription) and to join the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Candidates (ALDC)
  3. To attend Council Group meetings regularly and respect their Group Standing Orders and decisions
  4. To attend relevant community meetings within their ward
  5. To work with other Liberal Democrat councillors, Parliamentarians and campaigners
  6. To ensure that there is council representation at local and regional party meetings
  7. To attend Scottish party conferences
  8. To abide by the Standards Commission of Scotland’s Councillors’ Code of Conduct
  9. tTo contribute at least 5% of their salary to the Dunfermline and West Fife Liberal Democrats

Expectations of Support to Councillors and candidates

  1. Councillors and candidates can expect their local party to:
    Provide organisational support and a campaign team for their election campaign, and assist in the production and distribution of FOCUS leaflets
  2. Fund their election campaign
  3. Provide (or arrange access to) training to support their role as a councillor and campaigner.

You can download the application form here.

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