Dunfermline Lib Dems welcome relaxation of homophobic blood ban

The Dunfermline Liberal Democrats have been campaigning to relax the homophobic blood ban since 2019 when they began a successful petition at Fife Pride. Their Holyrood candidate, Aude Boubaker-Calder, and Dunfermline South Councillor James Calder have welcomed the announcement that the ban is set to end in 2021.

Aude Boubaker-Calder has said, "The relaxation of this ban is an end of decades of prejudice against gay men. It was outdated and was homophobic.

"There is already many safety checks on blood and the fact that a heterosexual with unsafe sexual practices could give blood but a gay man who did practice safely could not is ludicrous. This change will ensure equality amongst all people now.

"I welcome the announcement that these changes have been made to blood donation."

Councillor James Calder has added, "It is only right that this ban has been relaxed - this is a form of discrimination that has no place in 21st century Scotland.

"I am proud to have campaigned against it for the last couple of years - this is a great chapter in helping with LGBT+ rights."

Please see information about the previous campaigning of Dunfermline Liberal Democrats in the Dunfermline Press at https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/17766223.dunfermline-councillor-says-gay-men-discriminated/

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