Jubilee Weekend of Fun in Dunfermline

During the Jubilee weekend, a number of community events took place in Dunfermline. Liberal Democrat councillors James Calder, the Dunfermline Local Area Convener, and Aude Boubaker-Calder, attended two of the events. This included the Picnic at the Park in Pittencrieff Park and the Crossford Children's Gala and they were pleased at the positive impact these had for the community.

Councillor Calder has said, "After over two terrible years with COVID-19 and the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis, I think the Jubilee Weekend offered many a chance to enjoy themselves and get involved in community activities.

"The Picnic at the Park Event was great fun and a lot of people across Dunfermline were clearly enjoying themselves. It was great to see many community organisations also taking part.

"With many other events taking place this Summer and Autumn, such as the Outwith Festival, I hope local residents can enjoy themselves and that we can get back to some of the wonderful events that we have missed out on in the last couple of years.

"I also want to add my appreciation to the teams that organised these events and much more locally over the long weekend."

Councillor Boubaker-Calder has also said, "I really enjoyed spending a great Jubilee weekend out enjoying the local events and want to thank all who helped organise them.

"It was also nice for our daughter to take part in her first Gala at the Crossford Gala, and we all really enjoyed our day out.

"It was great as well to see the smiles on so many faces over the weekend- people were really happy to be taking part after the long absence of those events during the pandemics.

"I hope there will be more support from the Council and the communities to continue these events, which are a community pillar in our tradition."

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