Lib Dem Dunfermline Roads Budget Victory

After Dunfermline South Liberal Democrat Councillor James Calder had put forward a motion to change the roads programme, the Dunfermline Area Committee agreed to defer the road resurfacing schemes until after the Council budget is agreed, in case additional funding is found for roads.

Cllr. Calder said, "I put forward the motion as it was clear that large parts of Dunfermline, including my ward entirely, were not receiving any road resurfacing. We know the roads are in a dreadful condition and it was not acceptable or fair that areas were not receiving their fair share.

"I am pleased that all councillors agreed to defer any decision until we know the full budget. I will be discussing the areas of Dunfermline South that urgently need resurfacing with Transportation in the meantime and hope the final programme is more acceptable for both my constituents and the wider community across Dunfermline."

Dunfermline Liberal Democrat Scottish Parliamentary candidate Aude Boubaker-Calder added, "The programme that was presented was unacceptable. As Cllr. Calder has said, his ward, as other areas such as Crossford and Dunfermline North, were not receiving a penny of funding for resurfacing projects.

"Cllr. Calder highlighted those issues with his motion and should be given credit for helping defer the decision. Hopefully once the final decision is made, all of Dunfermline, Crossford, Townhill and Wellwood will benefit."

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