Lib Dem push for community funding rejected by Labour and SNP

The Liberal Democrats proposed £3.7 million extra to be given to local areas across Fife, which would have ensured local councillors could support funding depending on the needs of their local communities. This would have brought over £0.5 million extra to Dunfermline. The SNP and Labour rejected this.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South commented, "People in Dunfermline, rather than people in Glenrothes, know what our local needs are. The Liberal Democrats wanted to re-distribute the funds to local communities but apparently the SNP/Labour coalition running Fife Council disagrees.

"In my ward of Dunfermline South, our roads are in a shocking state, the Pitcorthie burn is in a mess, we have overgrown trees in the estate just north of Aberdour Road and there are a number of community projects needing support. This funding could have helped support this and Labour and the SNP don't agree."

Liberal Democrat candidate for Dunfermline Aude Boubaker-Calder has said, "The SNP and Labour have just said 'no' to giving Dunfermline over £500,000 in extra funding that was easily affordable for the Council. I'm not sure I understand why they would do this.

"We need local funding to help put the recovery first here. We could use it for issues such as helping local businesses with reducing parking charges, or helping local community projects with funding, such as a proper continuous path between Crossford and Dunfermline."

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