Weekend of Chaos for Dunfermline Trains

Over the weekend, multiple Edinburgh train services both to and from Dunfermline have been cancelled. With an already reduced timetable, Dunfermline's Liberal Democrat Councillors James Calder and Aude Boubaker-Calder share the frustrations of local residents.

Councillor James Calder has said, "Since the SNP and Green Coalition have nationalised ScotRail, things have gone from bad to worse. How can a Government that claims to be trying to tackle the climate emergency lead to cutting of train services and mass cancellations?
"This weekend, a significant number of trains have been cancelled and residents of Dunfermline and West Fife have been left having to frantically alter their travel plans.
"With the Scottish Cup Final and a major rugby match between Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday, this was definitely the wrong weekend for this to happen.
"The SNP and Green Coalition need to get their house in order and start taking their environmental commitments seriously."
Councillor Aude Boubaker-Calder added, "On Saturday, while in Edinburgh with my one year old daughter, due to cancellations we were stuck for much longer than we should have and this was compounded by the train that I finally got on had only two carriages. It was filled to the brim.
"We deserve a world class public transport system but it feels as though the SNP and Greens are running it down.
"They need to get this rail chaos sorted, especially as during the Summer we have events such as the Scotland-Ukraine match and the Edinburgh Festivals."

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